Registration: $15  Class Uniform: $25
Lessons: $15 per lesson per hour. Competition lessons $35-$45/hour (lessons are 2-4 hours in length)
$40 Private Lessons Available for couples, by Appointment only.




      ClassesPre Irish-2-4 year old


  • Learn to follow directions
  • Raise hands
  • Listening Skills
  • Social Development

Beginner -6-10 year old

  • Learn to Promenade
  • Learn First 2 Steps of Jig
  • Learn First 2 Steps of Reel
  • Proper Irish Dance Technique

Beginner 1-6-10 year old

  • Whole Jig-Mastered
  • Promenade-Mastered
  • 2 Hand
  • Walls of Limerick
  • 2 Additional Ceili Dances

Beginner 2-8-12 year old

Dancers will master these dances

  • Whole Jig
  • Promenade
  • 2 Hand
  • Beg Reel
  • Beg 3 Hand
  • Beg 4 Hand
  • 3 Additional Ceili Dances

Beginner 3– 12 and up

Dancers will master these dances

  • Whole Jig
  • Promenade
  • 2 Hand Reel
  • Beg 3 Hand
  • Beg 4 Hand
  • 8 Additional Ceili Dances

Irish Teen /Adult– 13 and up

  • For Exercise or performance.
  • Learning Proper Irish Technique, Form, and Style in a differentiated instruction atmosphere.
  • Learn the basics of Beginner Irish dance.

Competition Classes

  • More Concentrated on Technique and More Focused Class
  • Students Will Hone in on Dances to be Competed
  • Enrollment in this Class is Required in Order to Compete
  • Enrollment in this Class does not Guarantee the Ability to Compete

(If the Instructor does not Believe You are Ready She Will Not Set You Up to Fail)

Advanced and Intermediate by Audition Only

All class ages based on general information if student is more advanced

than is stated for his or her age group please contact us and we will be happy

 to review students technique and if qualified put student in a more advanced class

If you are interested in another kind of dance or arts related lessons, email and ask! We do many things besides Irish dance!