Parent’s Corner

Mary and Erin

Photo by Kathy Wukitsch

Please note:
Performing throughout March and in general,  is a privilege, not a right. Any students misbehaving or being insubordinate during performances will be asked to leave immediately. You as dancers are expected to behave as if there is a parent standing next to you at all times. In other words, if you’re doing something and you would be in trouble with mom/dad standing there, don’t do it. Period. This includes bullying.
Just a reminder that bullying, malice, or ill will in any way towards anyone in the studio is strictly prohibited. This is a safe and fun environment for everyone involved, that is how myself and your parents have raised you, to be strong of character and kind of heart. You all know the consequences of disobeying the rules at the dance studio. The same holds true while you are representing me in public. My name + your tee shirt/dress= representing me. Make me look GOOOODD!
Parade: If you are under the age of 12: Please wear dark blue IOE shirt and PLAIN black pants/shorts/skirt and WIG. If it is cold, you may put many layers under your blue IOE shirt and pants. Black long sleeved needs to go directly under the blue shirt. Black pants need to be the last layer for the under 12 crowd. I have matching headbands and gloves to wear for everyone. If we have our new warm ups by then, we can wear them in the parade if we go.
12 and Over/Beginner 3 and up: FULL Costumes are to be worn! This means be VERY CAREFUL there will be POO! Wear plain black sneakers and regular white socks NOT poodle. If it is cold: Many layers of pantyhose/white tights/white leggings and whatever will fit under the dress on top. Remember these were very warm during summer and you will be dancing in the parade!
Under no circumstances is anyone allowed to WHINE! If you think you’ll whine from walking too far, just sit in the car with the little kids at the start of the parade as this will not be tolerated. If I catch you whining about anything during the parade I will find something nice and heavy for you to carry as adequate distraction.
Dress accordingly to slip dress off for car ride as they are NOT allowed to be worn sitting. You can change socks and such at the hotel. If the cops try and stop you tell them you’re an Irish dancer and you’re late. They usually let you through. The proof is in the hairdo.  I will have guard guys for the day and a layout of parade walkers. Anyone who wants to can walk. Mom, dad, aunt, uncle…wear IOE gear/bright BLUE and walk along with us. Please see me for any further explanations or questions.