About Us

We are a troupe of Irish Dancers from the Peoria, IL area. Teacher Erin is an IL state certified school teacher (BSEd) as well as a nationally certified MIDT1 for Irish dance. In December 2013, Erin achieved her national MIDT2 Status and is now the only certified Irish Dance teacher in Peoria! This means she has a BA in Irish Dance, and a BSEd! In 2019 after 7 long years Erin is the ONLY TCRG (Masters Degree in Irish Dance!) certified Irish Dance Teacher in the Tri County Area and Peoria! Erin has owned Isle of Erin since she was 18, having previously danced since she was 3.

We range from ages 4 to adult. We are an Irish Dance Performing troupe consisting of 80 dancers. We are now offering competition lessons for the Irish dancers as well. We are a CRG school.

If you have ever been interested in Irish dance, please contact us! No matter what you are interested in, if it’s performing or just looking to get out and move around for some exercise. We also offer other dance disciplines on request.