Getting Ready for a Performance

There is a lot that can go on to get ready for a performance, so below Isle of Erin has complied several areas that can be difficult when first starting out on your Irish Dance journey.

How to put on a Wig:

For short hair-

Gather hair into two pigtails, more may be needed depending on the density of the hair. You can also add a third lower pigtail, in-between the other two, if needed.

Take wig and wrap the net around the pigtails.

Pull the elastics till snug, and bobby pin into place. Hairspray is also a blessing often employed here.

For long hair-

You may either make two buns (like two very high pigtails) or French-braid from ear to ear, coming around to the near front of the head.

Take wig comb and slide underneath braid, or in-between buns.

Take back wig comb and slid into hair on the back of the head.



Green or Blue eye-color is appropriate, no eye-color to your eyebrows please. Sparkles are encouraged.

Please no extremely thick eyeliner.



Brooches may be worn to keep capes in place, as long as they do not detract from costume.

Earrings must be diamond colored studs, only ear piercings allowed. Men are asked to remove their piercings also. If you have cartilage piercing please have a safety back on it.

No bracelets or necklaces. If for reiligous reasons you must wear said items, please pin them underneath your outfit.

Please no rings, unless you are married, or to be married.

Please make sure that your student(s) is/are covered well enough to change in public before the show. You may wear your leotard to/ from a performance, but not your entire costume.

Students are not supposed to sit in their costumes for extended periods of time. The costumes are not designed for that and grevious injury to the costume could occur.

Other notes:

Capes should be pinned left shoulder to right hip.

Headbands should sit like a crown if you wear full head wig.

All students have to earn the right to wear ghillies and poodle socks.

Look forward to seeing you all!